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$1 million progressive table games jackpot

Why work for $1,000,000,when you can play for it?


The progressive starts with everything you love about playing the game and offers you a wager that could win more than a million dollars! Refer to the jackpot sign for the paytable.


The progressive bet must be made at the same time as all of your regular game wagers. The regular game hand is played out as per the normal rules. Each game uses a unique set of 5 cards to determine winning progressive bets. Your progressive bet is always in action, and can pay even if the dealer wins in the regular game. Winning hands are paid as shown on the progressive paytable.*


  • Ask the dealer to buy in credits on the progressive bet manager (credit bank) at your player spot. 
  • Place your usual game wager, and any other wagers offered.
  • Place your progressive bet – the more you bet, the more you win.
  • The progressive pays whenever your cards combine to form a qualifying hand. Refer to the jackpot sign for the paytable.

*Percentage present are split among all eligible players of the progressive bet. For a full list of rules and regulations, visit the My Borgata Center of theborgata.com. Must be 21 or older. Borgata team members are not eligible for the promotion. Participants may not be part of any exclusionary list.