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Rule 61D-7 .XXX Rainbow 6

(1) The Rainbow 6 requires selection of the first place finisher in each of six races. The entire net Rainbow 6 pool and carryover, if any, shall be distributed to the holder of a unique wager selecting the first place finisher in each of the selected six races. If there is no unique wager selecting the first place finisher in all six races, the major share of the Rainbow 6 pool shall be distributed as a single price pool to those who selected the first place finisher in the greatest number of races. The minor share shall be added to the, or create a, jackpot pool.

(2) Unique Wager, as used in this subsection, shall be defined as having occurred when the total amount wagered on a winning combination selecting the first place finisher in each of the six races is equal to the minimum allowable wager.

(3) If a dead heat for first occurs in any of the Rainbow 6 races:

(a) For contestants representing the same betting interest, the Rainbow 6 pool shall be distributed as if no dead heat occurred.

(b) For contestants representing two or more betting interests, the rainbow 6 pool shall be distributed as a single price pool with each winning wager receiving an equal share.

(4) Should a betting interest in any of the Rainbow 6 races be scratched:

(a) A Rainbow 6 wager may be canceled at after leaving the teller window and before the close of wagering if the wagering combination included the scratched runner, even if the scratch is part of a coupled entry or mutuel field.

(b) If the bettor does not exercise the cancellation option, the actual favorite, as evidenced by the Win pool at the host track for the contest at the close of wagering, shall be substituted for the scratched betting interest for all purposes, including pool calculations. If the Win pool total for two or more favorites is identical, the substitute selection shall be the betting interest with the lowest post position. The totalisator generated price calculation report shall show each of the wagering combinations with the substituted betting interests which became winners as a result of the substitution.

(5) The Rainbow 6 pool shall be cancelled and all Rainbow 6 wagers for the individual performance shall be refunded if:

(a) At least three contests included as part of the Rainbow 6 are cancelled or declared a No Contest.

(6) If at least one race of the Rainbow 6 is canceled or declared a No Contest, but not more than three races, the net pool shall be distributed as a single price pool to those whose selection finished first in the greatest number of Rainbow 6 contests for that performance. Such distribution shall include the portion ordinarily retained for the Rainbow 6 carryover, but not the carryover from previous performances.

(7) A written request for permission to distribute the Rainbow 6 carryover on a specific date shall be submitted to the Division. The request must contain justification for the distribution, an explanation of the benefit to be derived, and the intended date for the distribution.

(8) Should the Rainbow 6 carryover be designated for distribution on a specific date, the unique wager provision of this Rule shall be suspended, and the entire pool shall be distributed as a single price pool to those whose selection finished first in the greatest number of Rainbow 6 contests. The Rainbow 6 carryover shall be designated for distribution on a specified date and performance only under the following circumstances:

(a) Upon written approval from the Division as provided in Section (7) above.

(b) When the Rainbow 6 is discontinued.

(c) On the closing day of the meet.

(9) If for any reason the Rainbow 6 carryover must be held over to the corresponding Rainbow 6 pool of a subsequent meet, the carryover shall be deposited into an interest bearing account as approved by the Division. The Rainbow 6 carryover, plus accrued interest, shall then be added to the net Rainbow 6 pool of the following meet.

(10) Permitholders may suspend previously approved Rainbow 6 wagering with the prior approval of the Division. Any carryover shall be held until the suspended Rainbow 6 wagering is reinstated.

(11) The purchase and acceptance of a Rainbow 6 wager by a bettor shall constitute acknowledgement of the correctness of the ticket and an agreement to be bound by the terms and provisions of this Chapter.

(12) Neither a permitholder nor a totalisator company shall be liable to any person for a Rainbow 6 ticket which is not a winning wager in accordance with the provisions of this Chapter or which not delivered, for any reason, including mechanical malfunction, an electrical failure, or a machine locking.

(13) This rule shall be displayed prominently on each level of the pari-mutuel facility of the permitholder conducting Rainbow 6 wagering.

*Percentage present are split among all eligible players of the progressive bet. For a full list of rules and regulations, visit the My Borgata Center of theborgata.com. Must be 21 or older. Borgata team members are not eligible for the promotion. Participants may not be part of any exclusionary list.