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Instant Bonus FAQs

On Tuesday, November 29 - Wednesday, November 30 slot players at Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa will receive instant bonuses of guaranteed slots dollars through their My Borgata Card. Each player is eligible for up to 10 wins. And while BONUS SLOT DOLLARS® are great anytime, things are always better when they are instant.

Q: How do I receive a Borgata Instant Bonus?
A: Play slots at Borgata on Tuesday, November 29 - Wednesday, November 30 using your My Borgata Rewards card. When the required amount of play has been reached, the Borgata Instant Bonus button will appear on the iView card reader screen on your next card in.

Q: Do I have to be invited to be eligible for Borgata Instant Bonus?
A: No – Borgata Instant Bonus is available to all My Borgata Rewards cardholders who play slots and reach the required amount of play.

Q: What do I win with Borgata Instant Bonus?
A: You can win between $1 and $100 Bonus Slot Dollars each time you receive the Borgata Instant Bonus. Each Borgata Instant Bonus is a guaranteed winner.

Q: How many Borgata Instant Bonuses can I receive?
A: You can receive up to 10 total Instant Bonuses on Tuesday, November 29 - Wednesday, November 30.