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How to Play Asia Poker


If you enjoy playing Pai Gow Poker or even traditional poker you will enjoy the fast and exciting action of Asia Poker. The best part is, you already know the basics.

The Game – Asia Poker is based on an ancient Chinese game called “13 Cards” and combines the elements of Pai Gow Poker and the American game of poker. The game is played with a traditional deck of 52 playing cards, plus one joker. The joker can be used only as an Ace, or to complete a straight, a flush, a straight flush, or a royal flush.

Ranking the Hand – Each player at the table is dealt seven cards, which the player arranges to make three hands; a onecard hand, a two-card hand and a four-card hand. Each player shall set his or her hands arranging the cards into a high hand, medium hand and low hand. When setting the three hands, the four-card high hand must be equal to or higher in rank than the two-card medium hand, and the two-card medium hand must be equal to or higher in rank than the one-card low hand. For example, if the two-card hand contains a pair of sevens, the fourcard hand must contain at least a pair of sevens and the two remaining cards.

Object of the Game – A player will win if any two of the player’s three hands (high, medium or low hand) are higher in rank than any of the dealer’s corresponding three hands (high, medium or low hand). If any one of the player’s three hands is identical in rank to the corresponding hand of the dealer, this is a tie. Ties are also called “copy hands,” and the dealer wins all copy hands.

A player may announce that he or she wishes to surrender his or her wager prior to the dealer exposing any of the three hands of that player. Once the player has announced his or her intention to surrender, the dealer shall immediately collect the wager from that player and collect the seven cards dealt to that player without exposing the cards to anyone at the table.

Playing the Game – All players make an initial wager.

A dice cup containing three dice is shaken at least three times by the dealer to determine who receives the first card. Prior to shaking the Asia Poker shaker all bets must be on the appropriate area before the dealer announces "no more bets." In Asia Poker, the dealer position is always 1, 8 or 15. The dealer starts the count from the dealer position. The cards will then be dealt by the dealer to each betting area regardless of if a player is present in a clockwise rotation from the starting point indicated by the dice.

As an alternative to the Asia Poker shaker and dice, Borgata may play the game of Asia Poker with a computerized random number generator that automatically selects and displays a number from 1 through 7 inclusive.

Each player at the table shall be responsible for setting his or her own hands and no other person except the dealer may touch the cards of that player. If a player requests assistance in the setting of his or her hands, the dealer may inform the requesting player of the manner in which Borgata requires the hands of the dealer to be set in its Rules of the Games Submission. Each player shall be required to keep the seven cards in full view of the dealer at all times. Once each player has set a high, medium and low hand and placed the three hands facedown on the appropriate area of the layout, the player shall not touch the cards again.

Rules to Remember – Any player’s hand that is set incorrectly (e.g. the two-card hand ranks higher than the four-card hand, or the player puts three cards in the four-card hand) is an automatic loser. Players are responsible for arranging their own hands and should do so with care.

The house must set all hands according to the House Way. Hands set incorrectly by the dealer must be reset according to the House Way.

If the dealer exposes any of the cards dealt to a player, the player has the option of voiding the hand. Without looking at the unexposed cards, the player shall make the decision either to play out the hand or to void the hand.

If a card or cards in the hand of the dealer or bank is exposed, all hands shall be void and the cards shall be reshuffled.

If any player or the dealer is dealt an incorrect number of cards, all hands shall be void and the cards shall be reshuffled.

If an automated card shuffling device is being used and the device jams, stops shuffling during a shuffle, or fails to complete a shuffle cycle, the cards shall be reshuffled in accordance with procedures approved by the Commission.

Only players who are seated at the Asia Poker table may place a wager at the game. Once a player has placed a wager and received cards, that player must remain seated until the completion of the round of play.

The dealer will explain the ranking and assist you in arranging your hands the House Way, but is not responsible for wins or losses. The House Way is Borgata's set of rules determining how the dealer must set his or her hand or those of the novice players asking for help.