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How to Play Spanish 21


Spanish 21 is the ultimate Blackjack variation which combines the excitement of a Blackjack game with the multiple payoffs of a slot machine. Spanish 21 is like regular 21 (blackjack) with more options, providing more fun and more ways to wins.

The game of Spanish 21 is played with Spanish decks. A Spanish deck consists of 48 cards; 2–9, J, Q, K, A; no number 10 cards. All cards count at face value except Kings, Queens, and Jacks which always count as 10 and Aces which you can count as either 11 or 1.

Spanish 21 is played like Blackjack with the following exceptions:


Always beats dealer’s blackjack. Winning player’s wagers are paid at odds of 3-to-2.


Always beats dealer’s total of 21. However, a wager shall lose if the player has 21 in more than 2 cards and the dealer has a blackjack. Winning player’s wagers are paid at odds of 1 to 1. Certain player 21 totals result in additional Spanish 21 payouts (see Spanish 21 Payoffs*).


Player may split cards of equal value including Aces up to 4 hands. Hitting and doubling of split hands including Aces is allowed.

Splitting voids Super Bonus


Once with 2 or more cards, on any total including after splitting.

No pays over 1 to 1 on double hands.

Doubling voids Super Bonus.


After doubling, if a player is dissatisfied with a non-busted hand, the player may rescue (take back) the doubled portion of the bet, and forfeit the original wager.


Players are not allowed to touch or alter the cards in Spanish 21.

Each player shall be responsible for the correct count of his or her hand.

No wager shall be made, increased or withdrawn after the first card of the respective round has been dealt.


Spanish 21 also incorporates a number of additional payouts for players' winning wagers:

5 Card 21 Pays 3 to 2
6 Card 21 Pays 2 to 1
7+ Card 21 Pays 3 to 1
6-7-8 Mixed 3 to 2
6-7-8 Suited 2 to 1
6-7-8 Spaded 3 to 1
7-7-7 Mixed 3 to 2
7-7-7 Suited 2 to 1
7-7-7 Spaded 3 to 1


All Spanish 21 payoffs are based on hands totaling 21.


A player may elect to discontinue play on his hand for the round by surrendering one-half of his wager. Only permitted on the first two cards. However, if the dealer has blackjack, the entire wager will be forfeited.


If a player holds three 7s (7-7-7) of the same suit when the dealer’s exposed card is also a 7, the player is also paid a fixed bonus depending upon the amount of the wager:

7-7-7 Suited $5–$24.50 Bet WINS $1,000
7-7-7 Suited $25+Bet WINS $5,000


Envy Bonus – All other players at the table who placed a wager during that round of play shall also be paid a fixed bonus of $50. No side bet required.

Splitting/doubling voids Super Bonus.


Players may bet that either or both of their initial two cards will match the dealer’s exposed card. A player who has placed the basic wager may make an additional Match-The –Dealer wager not less than $1.00 and not more than the amount of the player’s basic wager prior to the first card being dealt for each round of play. Insurance bets do not apply to the Match-The-Dealer wager. A Match-The-Dealer wager shall have no bearing on any other wager made by the player.

Non-Suited Pays 3 to 1 for each match
Suited Pays 12 to 1 for each match