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How to Play Texas Hold'em


Texas Hold’em is one of the most popular traditional poker games today. One of the reasons is that "any two cards can win." The same holds true for the new Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker. The best "hole cards" (2-card starting hand) sometimes will not win, and the worst starting hand (hole cards) sometimes becomes the winning poker hand after all the community cards are exposed.

How to Play – Two cards are dealt to each player; two cards to the dealer and five community Cards are dealt faceup in the center for both players and dealer to use in any combination (3, 4 or all of the 5 community cards may be used) to make the highest ranked poker hand.

Each player uses his/her 2-card hand along with 3, 4, or all the 5 community cards to make the best poker hand!


No player to player competition

Each player plays against the dealer

Best poker-ranking hand wins

Optional side-bet bonus wager plays against a posted pay table (not the dealer hand).

When a player wins, the player retains his/her ante and is paid even money on the Flop + Turn + River wagers. When a player’s winning hand is a “flush” or greater, the Ante + Flop + Turn + River wagers are paid even money. All poker-ranked hands of equal value between the player and the dealer will be considered a "tie" or "push" whereas no money will be collected or paid. Players who have made an ante wager have the option to make a Bonus Jackpot wager. Bonus Jackpot wagers are paid no matter who wins the hand (player or dealer).

Ante Each player makes an ante wager to receive 2 cards
Bonus Players also have the option to place a Bonus
2-cards A 2-card hand is dealt to each player and the dealer
Flop Players wishing to continue must wager twice the amount of the ante wager on the wager
Fold Players not wishing to continue may hand in their 2-cards and forfeit the ant wager
3-cards 3 community cards are now placed face up on the table
Turn Players now have the option to not bet or bet equal to the ante
Turn card A 4th community card is turned face up on the table
River Players now have the option to not bet or bet equal to the ante
River Cards A 5th community card is turned face up on the table

Bonus Payout odds:

Player’s Hand/Hole Cards Payout odds
A-A 30 to 1
A-K (Suited) 25 to 1
A-Q or A-J (Suited) 20 to 1
A-K (Unsuited) 15 to 1
K-K or Q-Q or J-J (High Pairs) 10 to 1
A-Q or A-J (Unsuited) 5 to 1
10-10 through 2-2 (Low Pairs) 3 to 1

Ranking of Hands:

Royal Flush Straight
Straight Flush Three-of-a-Kind
Four-of-a-Kind Two Pair
Full House One Pair
Flush High Card