Beat the Book: 2020 Pro Football Sweepstakes

Enter your Pro Football picks at Borgata
Pick more winning teams than the Borgata Book and win

Free Entry
Entries can be placed at select Sports Betting kiosks beginning September 1, 2020 at 11AM.
Limited to one entry per week.

Entries for remaining 16 weeks can be placed starting on Tuesdays at 11AM.
Entries for each week must be placed by Sunday at 11AM.

A participant who has a better weekly record than Borgata’s Book record, will be considered a winner.
Winners of the weekly prize receive $20 Bonus SLOT DOLLARS®.

General Rules


SUN 10/4 TIME Borgata's Pick
Indianapolis @ Chicago 1PM Chicago
Jacksonville @ Cincinnati 1PM Cincinnati
Cleveland @ Dallas 1PM Dallas
New Orleans @ Detroit 1PM New Orleans
Pittsburgh @ Tennessee 1PM Pittsburgh
Seattle @ Miami 1PM Seattle
LA Chargers @ Tampa Bay 1PM Tampa Bay
Baltimore @ Washington 1PM Baltimore
Arizona @ Carolina 1PM Arizona
Minnesota @ Houston 1PM Houston
NY Giants @ LA Rams 4:05PM LA Rams
New England @ Kansas City 4:25PM Kansas City
Buffalo @ Las Vegas 4:25PM Las Vegas
Philadelphia @ San Francisco 8:20PM Philadelphia
MON 10/5 TIME Borgata's Pick
Atlanta @ Green Bay 8:15PM Green Bay


SUN 9/27 TIME Borgata's Pick
Chicago @ Atlanta 1PM Chicago
LA Rams @ Buffalo 1PM Buffalo
Washington @ Cleveland 1PM Cleveland
Tennessee @ Minnesota 1PM Tennessee
Las Vegas @ New England 1PM New England
San Francisco @ NY Giants 1PM San Francisco
Cincinnati @ Philadelphia 1PM Philadelphia
Houston @ Pittsburgh 1PM Houston
NY Jets @ Indianapolis 4:05PM Indianapolis
Carolina @ LA Chargers 4:05PM LA Chargers
Tampa Bay @ Denver 4:25PM Tampa Bay
Detroit @ Arizona 4:25PM Arizona
Dallas @ Seattle 4:25PM Seattle
Green Bay @ New Orleans 8:20PM New Orleans
MON 9/28 TIME Borgata's Pick
Kansas City @ Baltimore 8:15PM Baltimore
Borgata's Total Borgata Picks went 10-5
SUN 9/20 TIME Borgata's Pick
New York @ Chicago 1PM Chicago
Atlanta @ Dallas 1PM Dallas
Detroit @ Green Bay 1PM Green Bay
Jacksonville @ Tennessee 1PM Tennessee
Minnesota @ Indianapolis 1PM Minnesota
Buffalo @ Miami 1PM Buffalo
San Francisco @ New York 1PM San Francisco
Los Angeles @ Philadelphia 1PM Los Angeles
Denver @ Pittsburgh 1PM Pittsburgh
Carolina @ Tampa Bay 1PM Tampa Bay
Washington @ Arizona 4:05PM Arizona
Kansas City @ Los Angeles 4:25PM Kansas City
Baltimore @ Houston 4:25PM Baltimore
New England @ Seattle 8:20PM Seattle
MON 9/21 TIME Borgata's Pick
New Orleans @ Las Vegas 8:15PM New Orleans
Borgata's Total Borgata Picks went 13-2
SUN 9/13 TIME Borgata's Pick
Seattle @ Atlanta 1PM Seattle
NY Jet @ Buffalo 1PM Buffalo
Chicago @ Detroit 1PM Chicago
Green Bay @ Minnesota 1PM Green Bay
Miami @ New England 1PM New England
Philadelphia @ Washington 1PM Philadelphia
Las Vegas @ Carolina 1PM Las Vegas
Indianapolis @ Jacksonville 1PM Indianapolis
Cleveland @ Baltimore 1PM Baltimore
LA Chargers @ Cincinnati 4:05PM Cincinnati
Tampa Bay @ New Orleans 4:25PM New Orleans
Arizona @ San Francisco 4:25PM San Francisco
Dallas @ LA Rams 8:20PM Dallas
MON 9/14 TIME Borgata's Pick
Pittsburgh @ NY Giants 7:15PM Pittsburgh
Tennessee @ Denver 10:20PM Tennessee
Borgata's Total Borgata Picks went 10-5
Entry Rules:
  • Participants must submit their weekly entries in person at the Sports Betting kiosks with their M life Rewards card. Participants must have a valid M life Rewards Card to enter.
  • If a participant submits entries using an M life Rewards card other than their own, that participant and the participant to whom the M life Rewards card belongs will both be eliminated from the sweepstakes and will not be eligible for any prize for the remainder of the promotion.
  • No entries will be allowed from Sundays at 11:01AM through Tuesdays at 10:59AM.
  • Games in progress before 11AM on Sundays will be removed from available selections, including but not limited to Thursday games and games played in the UK.
  • A participant will select the outright winners for each pro football game scheduled for the particular week to be played on Sundays and Mondays. Thursday games will not be included in the contest.
  • Limited to one entry per week. Participants with more than one entry per week will be disqualified.
  • Borgata is not responsible for incorrectly entered or missed selections.
  • Once the participant selects the submit button at the kiosk, selections are considered final and cannot be changed.
  • It is the participant’s responsibility for verifying the accuracy of their selections prior to selecting the submit button.

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Participants must be 21 or older and have a valid M life Rewards Card to enter. No purchase necessary to enter. Borgata associates are ineligible to participate. Subject to change or cancellation. Rules and regulations provided at registration.

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