Conference Audio Visuals

Borgata's team of highly skilled audio visual professionals will help you execute a flawless event.

Conference Audio Visuals

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Front Tier Sound System $200  
Full Room Sound System(requires tech @ $75/hour) $800  

Stage Wash Lighting System / Band Package $800  
Meeting Package $500  
Automated Lighting System $1,200  

Music Box 10' x 18' Projection Screens (2)
(includes projectors)

Club Sound System (requires tech @ $75/hour) $800  
Club Lighting System (requires tech @ $75/hour) $800  
Ambient Sound System $200  
DJ Equipment $250  
Minimum Set Up Labor $75  
LED Video Wall – Premier Only
(requires operator @ $75/hour)

Board Rooms
48” Flat Panel Display $300  
Minimum Set Up Labor $75  

Dressing Rooms (Event Center and Music Box only, each)
(dressing room attendant is additional)
Theatrical Platforms - 4' x 8', various heights
(requires additional set up charges)
Prefunction Area Display Screens (2) $600  

For greater power needs see Application for Electrical Service.
• A service charge may apply for any last minute requests.
• Specialty lighting can be provided by request, please see the lighting section.
• Additional labor will be required for: specialty lighting programming, in-room technicians and image packages.

All pricing is per day.


Event Center

Event Center Main Sound System - Full Ballroom
(requires tech @ $75/hr)
Event Center Main Sound System - Salon D only
(requires tech @ $75/hr)
Stage Monitor / Instrument Microphones Basic Package $800  

DÉCOR LIGHTING -Includes pin spotting of tables, wall color & stock patterns    
1 Salon (A, B or C) $600  
2 Salons (A-B or B-C) $1,200  
3 Salons (A, B & C) $1,800  
Salon D $1,800  
Full Ballroom $3,600  

Conventional (non-moving) Lights    
   Band Package $1,200  
   Meeting Package $500  
Event Center Automated Lights $2,400  

Large Format Video (2 projectors, 10' x 18' screens)
Borgata can provide a wide variety of projection images to enhance your event.

Standard Pool Décor Lighting Package $1,200  

Custom lighting and décor packages are available. Please contact us so that we can help you design the perfect environment for your event.
For Audio/Visual quote, please call AV Manager at 609.317.8950.


For Your Presentations

Laser Pointer $30  
AV Cart with Power $30  
Flip Chart (includes paper and markers) $70  
Extra Flip Chart Paper (25 sheets) $40  
Extra Flip Chart Markers (2 colors) $5  
Whiteboard - 28" x 36" (with markers and eraser) $30  
Large Whiteboard - 4' x 6' $125  
Speaker Cue Light System (wireless presentation control) $75  
Speaker Timer System $75  
Black Velour Pipe and Drape (per foot) $10  
Black Standard Pipe and Drape (per foot) $5  
Laptop (for AV presentation only) $275  
PCDI - Interface for Computer Sound $25  

Studio / Boardroom DLP / HD Projector $225  
Salon DLP / HD Projector $400  
Salon DLP / HD Projector - Rear Projection $600  
15" Data Monitor $75  
20" Data Monitor $125  
32" Data Monitor $175  
48" Flat Panel LCD Display Monitor $300  
52" Flat Panel LCD Display Monitor $350  
65" Flat Panel LCD Display Monitor $400  

4' x 7' Front or Rear Fastfold Screen w/ Dress Kit $125  
5.6' x 10' Front or Rear Fastfold Screen w/ Dress Kit $225  
7.5' x 14' Front or Rear Fastfold Screen w/ Dress Kit $325  
9' x 16' Front or Rear Fastfold Screen w/ Dress Kit $400  
84" Width Built-in Screen (where available) $75  

• Borgata is not responsible for deficiencies or connection problems caused by client owned equipment.
• Please have all material and equipment at meeting location 30 minutes prior to your start time.

All pricing is per day.


Light and Sound

Wired Microphones (includes stand) $50  
Podium Unipoint Microphone $50  
Wireless Microphones (Lapel Mic or Hand-Held Mic)
Microphones require a sound system appropriate for your event.

Overhead Sound System(not suitable for live music)    
   Borgata Salons $200  
   Studios, Aqua, Luna, Waves or Tides $100  
   Signature Room or Restaurants $100  
Desktop Computer Speakers (pair) $35  
Small Portable Powered Speaker $100  
Large Portable Powered Speaker $200  
Bose Decorative Profile System $300  
4 Channel Mic / Line Mixer $40  
8 Channel Mic / Line Mixer $60  
16 Channel Mic / Line Mixer $120  
32-Channel Digital Audio Mixer $325  

Single CD Player $25  
CD/MP3 Recorder $100  
DVD Player $25  
DVD Recorder $100  
iPod $25  
HD Media Player / Recorder $350  
HD Media Recorder $250  
H.264 HD Media Recorder $250  
HD Digital Signage Media Player $50  

Specials / Lighting Patterns $30  
Floor Lights / Up Lights (each) $20  
Lighting Trees with 2 lights $80  
Custom Steel Lighting Pattern Original $175  
Custom Steel Lighting Pattern Copies (each) $125  
Follow Spots $350  
For more information on the lighting and sound for particular rooms, please refer to the Venues section.  


Video & communication

Simple Connection Gear (DA’s, converters, etc) $50  
Graphics Switcher $325  
Seamless Matrix Switcher $1,400  

HD PTZ Camera $400  
HD Video Camcorder $400  
HD Live Presentation Camera Package $1,350  

(videotaping & editing)
Field Work (per hour) $75  
Video Editing (per hour) $75  

Clear-Com Base Station $50  
Clear-Com Headset w/ Beltpack–Wired $30  
Clear-Com Headset w/ Beltpack–Wireless $50  

Standard Phone / Fax Line (plus cost of calls) $100  
Internet Access (hard wire)–First Line $300  
   - Each Additional Line (in the same space) $15  
Teleconferencing–Includes Line (calls are additional) $250  
Video Conferencing System Call for Pricing  
Custom WiFi Network with Landing Page $500  
Hotel Block Video Distributing Call for Pricing  

120 VAC Service (already in place) $80  
Extension Cords $20  
Power Strips $20  
Please call 609.317.8973 for additional audio visual and power needs.    

• Rental Rates are per day.
• Pricing applies to both Borgata and The Water Club unless otherwise noted.
• A standard minimum fee of $75 applies to all setups. Additional labor, if needed is $75/hr with a four hour minimum.
• For large multi day / multi room events, a project manager can be provided at $500 per day.
• Quantities may be limited. Please confirm with the Borgata AV department in advance.

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Technician for programming or during event is additional. A service charge may apply for any last minute requests. Labor is required at $65/hour/person for IMAG packages. Specialty lighting can be provided by request, please see the lighting section.
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