Q. I tried to log-in using my email address and I received an error. What am I doing wrong?

  1. It could be possible that we do not have your email address on file. Try using your account number and password to log-in. Once logged in you can add your email address to your profile. If you are still unable to log-in, please call 609.317.1000.

Q. What if I don’t know my account number?

  1. If we have an email address on file for your account, you can login using your email address and password. If you are unsure, please call 609.317.1000 for assistance.

Q. I forgot my password. Can I have it emailed to me?

  1. For your security, passwords can only be reset online if we have your email address on file. Click on the 'forgot password' link located on the My Borgata Rewards log in page. You will then be prompted to submit your email address. A link will be emailed to you to reset your password.

Q. I share an email address with someone else? Can we both log in with the same email address?

  1. No, for added security every account holder must have a unique email address to sign-in. Your offers can still be sent to the shared email address; however each account must have a unique email for login. If you do not wish to create a new email address with your ISP service (AOL, Comcast, Hotmail, Gmail, etc) you can still log-in to My Borgata Rewards with your account number.

Q. I tried to login and am getting the error message ‘account locked.’
     How do I unlock my account?

  1. Please call 609.317.1000 for assistance.

Q. I am an existing My Borgata Rewards Cardholder but have never logged in
     to my account online. How do I access my account and create a password?

  1. Fill in the required fields on the Account Activation page. Once you click "Activate" you will be sent an email with a link to complete the activation process.

Q. What browsers are compatible with the new My Borgata Rewards website?

  1. The site works best with Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox and Google Chrome. AOL users please note we recommend that, after establishing your internet connection through AOL, you open another browser such as Internet Explorer or Firefox. All features will work properly and your browser should be able to maintain your signed-on status.